Pangaea CEO Elliot Isaacs founded British biotech Nanogen in 1999. The company's initial research focussed on Nanogen Fibres, the instant hair thickener. Elliot's team continually refined the technologies behind Nanogen Fibres until they were independently proven to be 400% better than the next competitor.

Following the success of Nanogen Fibres, Elliot returned to his pharmacological background to research treatments. The resulting clinically proven hair growth factor technology has since been patented.

Today, all Nanogen products are developed by Nanogen's hair research team - still with Elliot's expert guidance. Each product is then independently dermatologically tested to ensure it's the best available.


"Our mission is to improve the way people feel about thinning hair. We do this by providing hair care technologies underpinned by scientific reason and clinical research. We also promise to:

1. Only use and formulate proven technologies that provide real benefits for thinning hair.
2. Only use green biotechnology where it does not compromise efficacy.
3. Deliver fair prices for cutting edge technology forever.
4. Sincerely value and act upon customer input, feedback and suggestions."

- Elliot Isaacs, Nanogen founder


Our commitment to scientific excellence isn't just a theory. Nanogen have developed internationally patented groundbreaking technologies. Every technology goes through a rigorous testing procedure before it is included in Nanogen products.

This thorough approach has won the endorsement and recommendation of dermatologists, trichologists and hair transplant surgeons worldwide.

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