Growth Factors

Growth factors are the future for thinning hair treatment. They are the natural signals produced by your body that control hair growth. Age, stress, diet and illness are among the many aspects of our lives that reduce the amount of growth factors.

Cutting-edge Nanogen technology creates identical copies of your natural growth factors. Despite being identical to yours, they are derived from plants, so are uniquely safe and ethical to use.

Nanogen 3x is a complete range containing three times the growth factor concentration of regular products. The increased concentration means they are only available via professionals.

Non-Pore Blocking

Topical solutions applied to the hair or skin often contain ingredients that block your pores. This is not only unhealthy for the skin, it also inhibits the penetration of treatment solutions.

Consequently, the ingredients in Nanogen hair growth factor products have been deliberately chosen and mixed so that they do not clog up your pores. This ensures that scalp health is maintained and treatment absorption is enhanced.

Active Thickening

Many conditioners contain ingredients that coat the outside of the hair to make it look thicker. This has the unfortunate side effect of weighing the hair down, which is particularly problematic if you have thin hair.

That's why all Nanogen hair growth factor products contain ingredients that actively thicken your hair, such as Hyaluronic Acid. These uniquely effective ingredients penetrate the hair shaft to increase thickness from within and give your hair weightless volume.

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