Thickening Treatment Conditioner

Fortified with Triple Strength
Growth Factor and Hyaluronic Acid

Volumising formula for thin hair that creates dramatic volume and shine.


- Creates volume
- Restores shine
- Repairs hair cuticle
- Moisturises scalp


Conditioning is important for hair health, as well as shine and thickness. Special conditioners are necessary for thin hair as it is more vulnerable to becoming greasy or weighed down, which can make it look thinner.


Nanogen Growth Factor Complex (three times regular strength)
Non-Pore Blocking Hair Thickeners
Nourishing Keratin Protein
Moisturising Hyaluronic Acid

Easy to Use

1. Optional: Wash with Thickening Treatment Shampoo.
2. Massage into your wet hair and scalp.
3. Rinse thoroughly after around three minutes.
4. For best results, use every time you wash your hair.

What are Growth Factors?

Growth Factors are the natural signals produced by your body that control every cell's growth. Complications in life such as age, stress, diet and illness can reduce the amount of growth factors acting upon your hair, slowing its growth. Nanogen 3x products replace these lost growth factors with identical copies to restore your hair growth rate to a healthy level.


Thin hair is particularly prone to becoming greasy and dull-looking, and it would definitely benefit from a volumising conditioner. However, most mass-market volumising conditioners are not designed for thin hair and will succeed only in weighing the hair down, making it look even thinner. Nanogen's Thickening Treatment Conditioner, part of the Stabilise & Thicken step, is specifically designed for thin hair and creates volume by penetrating the hair shaft and thickening it from within. This method gives your hair weightless volume and shine.