Thickening Treatment Shampoo

Fortified with Triple Strength
Growth Factor and Hyaluronic Acid

Invigorating formula for thin hair that actually thickens hair while cleansing.


- Deep cleanses
- Thickens hair
- Moisturises scalp
- Optimises treatment absorption


Thorough cleansing without harmful agents is vital, not only for ensuring that your hair looks and feels it’s best, but also for optimising the absorption of topical treatments. Regular cleansing is also essential to maintain hair and scalp health.


Nanogen Growth Factor Complex (three times regular strength)
Non-Pore Blocking Cleansers
Keratolytic Salicylic Acid
Moisturising Hyaluronic Acid

Easy to Use

1. Massage into your wet hair and scalp.
2. Rinse thoroughly after around a minute.
3. Optional: Follow with Thickening Treatment Conditioner.
4. For best results, use every time you wash your hair.

What are Growth Factors?

Growth Factors are the natural signals produced by your body that control every cell's growth. Complications in life such as age, stress, diet and illness can reduce the amount of growth factors acting upon your hair, slowing its growth. Nanogen 3x products replace these lost growth factors with identical copies to restore your hair growth rate to a healthy level.


The role of step 1 in the 4-step protocol is to cleanse your hair and prepare your scalp for the conditioning and treatment that follows. By deeply cleansing your hair, Nanogen's Thickening Treatment Shampoo significantly improves its condition and appearance. At the same time, Keratolytic agents remove flakes and lightly exfoliate the scalp, preparing it for any treatment and improving treatment product penetration.