Daily Care

- Shampoo opens pores and deep cleanses hair to optimise treatment results.
- Conditioner volumises thinning hair without weighing it down.

1. Use Shampoo every time you wash your hair.
2. Follow with Conditioner when you need extra volume and moisture.

Minoxidil Boosting

- Reduce minoxidil induced dandruff and dryness.

1. Shampoo helps prevent minor side effects like dandruff.
2. Conditioner restores shine and volume to dry, straw-like hair.

Full 3x Protocol

The Nanogen 3x range is designed to work synergistically, meaning that
the effects are strongest when all the products are used together.

1. Shampoo deeply cleanses the hair.
2. Conditioner thickens the hair more effectively when used after the shampoo.
3. Serum works more effectively when complimented with the other products.